Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rehersal Procedures

In December, my classroom began hosting a student teacher. One of the best ways to teach a student teacher how to keep control of the class is to teach them about constant rehearsal of the rules.  Since this is the second student teacher I have hosted since using WBT, I have come up with a few ways of doing this. We rehearse rules, classroom procedures, and teaching procedures with the students daily. This helps foster a smooth running classroom without too many ‘hiccups’ with the gradual teaching release. I teach my student teachers they must demand the same respect I demand from my students and because of this, they are more successful with classroom management. Here is one of the ways we practice teaching procedures.

C/Y: I have noticed that we are doing a fantastic job teaching our neighbors all of the wonderful skills we are learning. Compliment your neighbor with a MIGHTY OH YEAH for being an amazing teacher!
C/Y: One thing I have also noticed is that we are using gestures and the because clapper to ‘beef up’ our answers. Give me another MIGHTY OH YEAH!
C/Y: At this time in the year, my expectations will only go up since you are almost 5th graders…OOOOOOHHHHHHH! 5th grade is just that much more demanding. I think you will do just fine. Turn to your neighbor and teach them our teaching procedures. You must use gestures, a full body turn, and speak in complete sentences while using some kind of brain toy! T/O
Immediately, and it will happen, call attention as soon as a student isn’t completely turned talking to their neighbor or if they do not clap and say teach as instructed, after all they are rehearsing their teaching procedures.
C/Y: I noticed some of our partners must not have pulled their easy release swivel button on their chair. Their bottoms were glued to their seat, their head moved but their knees are not pointed to their partner. Tell them “It’s Cool!” Lets practice this, with a full body turn, knees pointed to your neighbor, teach your partner using gestures and a brain toy how we teach our neighbors. T/O
Immediately, call attention if students are following procedures or if they are not. Playing Scoreboard Ping Pong will always result in students doing what is expected. We continue to practice until all students are teaching to the expectation! We even call attention to those who are consistent Super Improver Stars are awarded for AMAZING teachers.
I have found the more we practice, the more we improve. Oh, YEAH!

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