Monday, March 3, 2014

Chapter 30-Model Classroom

Chapter 30- Mind Blowing Classroom

Since I have already designed my model WBT classroom, I will sum up what I have utilized in my class over the last two years and what I plan to use in the future. Each year I have continued the program parts that have worked added something new to master. 

Year One:
The Big Seven created a fun environment where students knew expectations and learned how to work as a team.

Super Improver Team created independent, motivated students who would do anything for a colored piece of paper!! Goal setting, reflection, and mastering behaviors became a task that students looked forward to, rather than dreading.

Super Speed created automatic readers and mathematicians who were fluent in reading and fact practice.

The Crazy Professor Game created expressionistic readers who engage in interesting dialog with their partners about otherwise rote reading practice.

Who would have thought my teaching heaven could have been better?? Well it got even better in year two.

Year 2:

By adding the Genius Ladder the first week of school, students were able to grasp how sentences begin and how we make them more interesting. Long gone are the days of boring (snore) sentences. Implementing adder sentences made students think in complete thoughts and add definition to their thinking.

Super Speed Grammar became a great way to facilitate grammar terminology in a fun way! Students zoomed through different slides learning verbs, nouns, adjectives, and so much more! Long gone are the worksheets, say hello to collaborative learning.

Common Core lessons, added to the WBT website, provide great practice to the class on key topics for reading. Students mastered topic sentences, paragraph structure, compare and contrast and so much more!! Going to WBT College was just what my 4th graders needed!

In the near future, I will begin the process of oral writing. I am very excited about adding in complete oral sentences with the goal setting of the Wacky Star Fun Button. My class is sure to jump for joy when this is introduced this month.  

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