Sunday, March 16, 2014

MInd Sports Questions

Mind sports are the games we like to play when we have a limited amount of time in the classroon. We use this each week as the reward for homework and we play for fun when the kids have earned extra time!! Here is a link to my Mind Baseball Notebook File. In order to keep the questions fresh and the review up to date, I put the question into a word document. Here are my top 75 question.

1.     What is an example of a reading theme?
2.     What is the meaning of theme?
3.     What is a main Idea?
4.     What is a conjunction?
5.     What is an article?
6.     What is a factor?
7.     What is a product?
8.     What is a quotient?
9.     What is a dividend?
10.  What is a divisor?
11.  What is an equation?
12.  What does an equal sign mean in a math sentence?
13.  What is a sentence?
14.  What is a noun?
15.  What is a verb?
16.  What is an adjective?
17.  What is a pun?
18.  What is a character trait?
19.  What is a setting?
20.  What is a plot?
21.  What is an inference?
22.  What is a sum?
23.  What is a difference?
24.  What is a factor triangle?
25.  How many sides on a pentagon?
26.  How many sides on an octagon?
27.  How many sides on a hexagon?
28.  What is an angle?
29.  What are parallel lines?
30.  What are perpendicular lines?
31.  What are intersecting lines?
32.  How do you find the area of a figure?
33.  How do you find the perimeter of a figure?
34.  What is associative property?
35.  What is commutative property?
36.  What is the distributive property?
37.  What is the identity property?
38.  How many hours in a day?
39.  How many days in a year?
40.  How many days in a week?
41.  What do we call a group of words that can’t be taken word for word? They have a figurative meaning.
42.  What is it called when you compare things using like or as?
43.  What is it called when you compare things by saying one thing is another?
44.  Give an example of an idiom.
45.  What point of view is it when the narrator is inside the story?
46.  What is the author’s purpose when he writes fiction?
47.  What is the author’s purpose when he writes expository text?
48.  What is the sentence called that tells what a paragraph is about?
49.  What point of view is it when the narrator is outside the story?
50.  What are the two words at the top of a dictionary page called?
51.  What is the word we use that means the type of literature?
52.  What is an example of rhyme scheme in poetry?  
53.  What does the prefix un- mean?
54.  What does the suffix –er mean?
55.  What do we call the little paragraphs in a poem?
56.  What do we call a poem that has no rhyme pattern?
57.  What do we call the rhythm in a poem?
58.  What kind of poem expresses feelings?
59.  What kind of poem tells a story?
60.  What two parts make up a setting?
61.  What do we call the directions that are written in italics before the dialogue in dramatic literature?
62.  What do we call the words the actors speak in dramatic literature?
63.  What do we call two complete messages (or sentences) that are put together with a command?
64.  Name a type of proper noun that needs to be capitalized.
65.  What do we do before we write the first word on the first line of a paragraph?
66.  What kind of sentence do we start our expository writing with?
67.  All the paragraphs in our writing must support what?
68.  What are the 5 parts of a sentence?
69.   What is a solid?
70.  What is a liquid?
71.  What is a gas?
72.  What are the three branches of government?
73.  What are mixtures?
74.  What are solutions?
75.  What do states collect in order to pay for things like roads and parks?

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