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After I had trained my classroom to respond to the Whole Brain Teaching methods, it was time for me to begin a new challenge. In my 4th grade classroom I have always used fluency practice with high frequency words to increase students reading speed as well as reading level. Looking through the free eBooks available on the WBT website, I came upon a powerpoint presentation that flashes high frequency words on a screen in different time intervals depending on the word difficulty. This is used to motivate the students to read high frequency words and increase their speed in a fun way.

This is how I set this program up:
In my classroom I have a projector and I use the Electronic Super Speed 1000 PowerPoint to project the slides. Each level of words is on a different color background with varying colors of text. Very Catchy! My students gathered on the carpet in our normal way, I say carpet (in a funny way) they threepeat (repeat 3 times) and move quickly and quietly to their carpet square where they are sitting next to their teaching buddy. I judge their speed and quietness with either a Mighty OH YEAH or a Mighty GROAN! Once they are seated the fun begins.

The first time we practiced SS1000 the students were excited to try something new, they love my WBT strategies! The class loved the beginning slides but thought it was a little slow. The speed was geared to an earlier learner. We practiced with the first round (I define a round as the color slides), then the next and so on until I could hear students stumbling over the words. I would rewind to the beginning of the round they had difficulties and we practice the round until they can say the words and sound like one voice! The students are always excited to begin their rounds.

How I use this program:
This program can be accomplished in 5 minutes a day. The students love the variation of different rounds. Each day we will make a note on the last round we were successful on and we will begin the next day 2-3 groups backwards to get their motors running. Then we push hard and speed right through to the next few groups. As the students start to memorize the slide order I will alternate them, add ones they struggle with in a few places, and finally adjust the speed to go faster and slower as needed.

My favorite things:
Some of my favorite things about this program include the ability to save the slides on my computer, flexibility for my classroom, and the increase in student achievement. I keep this document on my computer and I have the ability to change around slides, add new words (vocabulary needed for different subject matter), and vary the speed to make this program...FUN! After using SS1000 for half of a year I have seen at least 2-3 quarters of growth in my struggling leathers. Three student increased their reading speed to become an on grade level reader! While comprehension is not the key in this program, when students have automaticity to the most common words read in the English Language, they are able to spend less time decoding and more time understanding what they are reading. A+

As this program became a success in my classroom we decided to bring in the Super Speed 1000 reading packets and math practice. Using these two programs in my classroom has increased student achievement and created a fun way to practice high frequency word practice. When students beg to play this game I know we must be doing something right! Just recently the Assistant Superintendent was passing by my classroom and was caught in the hallway by the amount of noise coming from my room. He came in to see what was being taught and he was captivated by the engagement level and the student motivation to practice a skill most students do not wish to do! He even joined in on the fun! Success!

See my next post to see how this works in my classroom and have fun watching our classroom video!

Link for Super Speed 1000 from the WBT website.

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