Friday, June 7, 2013

First year completion

As the first year of using WBT has come to an end it is time for me to reflect on my year. I have found that this year quickly became my favorite year of teaching! I began my WBT journey wanting to continue evolving my instructional practices. I ended the year finding that I could not teach without it!  WBT is so much more than a way to teach even your most difficult students, it's a career changing limitless resource for teachers.
Below is a list of what I couldn't do without!

Super Improver Wall (SIW)
Chants (lines, papers, hands and eyes, class,class)
Super speed 1000 reading and math
Super speed electronic version for grammar
Practice cards

Things I will explore a whole lot more next year:

Word ladder
Common Core 5 step lessons (ready made!!!)
Oral writing

As the summer begins and I have more free time I will continue my process of becoming WBT certified. I have joined the book study for Chris Biffle's book! Being a level 4, my next step is to submit my video of the 5 step lesson which I taught. Video I come!