Friday Favorites: 122 Amazing Games

I don't know about you, but I am really excited about the newest edition to the WBT books! Chris Biffle has done it again with 122 Amazing Games found on Amazon. It is jam packed with new and improved games to  compliment your classroom. These games embrace the WBT teaching methods and involve the whole learner (mind and body). Talk about a major WIN for teachers. Each week I will be reviewing a different game and how I plan to use it in the upcoming year. During the school year, I will be adding videos and pictures of my students and how we are using these games! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

The Swoop

Now going on my 4th year of using Whole Brain Teaching, even I am looking for some new fun to spice things up! Who doesn't like a little excitement? Biffle's new book of 122 Amazing games has some great new spins on old favorites and some new games for our 'bag of tricks'. Today I am going to review 'The Swoop'.

The Swoop is a new variation on Teach, Okay! This variation (among many in this book) is like a fake out. Students sit with their partner. Instead of saying "teach," you say "swoop!" The students turn away from eachother and pretend to teach someone else, then shout "Okay!" and turn towards each other and madly teach their partner using big crazy gestures! 

This variation is going to be a fun one to present with 'Teach, Okay! begins to fizzle. I can't wait to video and show you how this one goes!

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